THANK YOU for another great Florida Comics Experience!

Spider-man & Spider-GwenYear 3 for Florida Comics Experience 2015 was an unusual adventure.  In the end, though, we’re thrilled that so many of our fans poured into Famous Faces and Funnies last weekend to make the event a reality.  The best part of working on these conventions is seeing a community grow from all the fans involved…

And we’re still growing.

We got a lot of great suggestions for where we should move in 2016, and planning will begin in November of this year for Florida Comics Experience 2016.

For now: THANK YOU to everyone who made this year a reality.  Special thanks to Rick from Famous Famous & Funnies, Jake from Space Coast Comixx, and Jo from Humanoids.

Also – thanks to all our costume contest winners!

Best of Show: Entry #6 – Charlie Haas as Deathstroke (from DC Comics)

Runner Up: Entry #25 – Ashley Robbins as Dark Raven (from Teen Titans)

Honorable Mention: Entry #21 – Merissa Sarlo as Mandelorian (from Star Wars)

Best Costume Group: Entries #14, #15, #15, #171 & #18 – David, Andy, Savannah, Chris, & Jenny as Dirk Strider, Dave Strider, Karkat Vantas, Jake English, & Gamzee Makara (from Homestuck)

Tom’s Judge Award: Entry #11 – Kira as 2-D (from Gorillaz)
Rick’s Judge Award: Entry #2 – Angel Jones as Starfire
Candy’s Judge Award: Entry #9 – Chris Ibach as Loki (from Thor)

You can check out our photos (and tag yourself!) on Facebook:

Here’s some great press coverage, too:

Stay tuned for 2016 updates…